Questions you need to ask when choosing your child’s tutor

You’ve noticed that your baby is beginning to struggle academically, and that is not strange. It could be because of a problem that is beyond your scope. At that point, you may need a tutor who has the training and experience to walk with the student through the rough academic path and emerge victorious. After all, what else are you looking out for in your child if not good performance!

However, you don’t just hire someone just because they were referred to you by a hiring agency, nope- you’ve your part to play.

Below are some questions that will guide you in choosing the best tutor for your baby

Which subject is the child having difficulties?

Your child may be having difficulties in a particular subject. It could be math, science or any other. One of the first things you need to find out is their reading. Are they able to read and understand the content? If they’ve a problem in reading, they probably are challenged in all the subjects. That could be an excellent place to begin. Math and sciences is generally an area that causes problems to many children, and therefore you need to check out. With that understanding, you’ll be able to hire the right tutor for your child.

Is the tutor skilled in handling children with disabilities?

Your child may be having some learning disabilities like dyslexia. Thus you need to get a tutor who specializes in that area. There’s a set of coping mechanisms, according to the national centre for learning disabilities that your child needs to overcome the disability. The tutor should have the skills to help your disabled child cope and stay focused during the tutoring sessions. The experienced tutor knows the right tools to use to make learning easier for the child.

Could testing be the challenge for your child?

Your child may be very good academically but just having problems when it comes to testing. There are cases where some children freeze up in a testing environment. If your child isn’t performing to your expectations, or they seem to develop some anxiety when it comes to testing, then you should get a tutor with the right experience and skills in that area. Such tutors will equip your child with test strategies they can use during testing and minimize anxiety.

What’s the tutor’s background?

When looking for a tutor for your child, you must get to know their background. Are they retired educators or still practicing. For better understanding, a tutor who’s practicing will find it easy to understand your child. Therefore, they’ll be of much help than someone who’s already left the service.

What are your expectations?

Before you get a tutor, you need to set out your expectations. You have identified the problem that your child has, and therefore you have a goal. Make sure your goals for the tutor are realistic. Do not expect quick results from the tutor; be ready for delayed results but progressive improvement. That also means you need to have high school tutors for some time before you can call off their services.

Your child’s tutor is as vital as your child’s teacher in school. And if anything, they’re more important. Therefore, you need to take time and choose the most suitable for great results. Make sure you understand your child’s needs before you hire the tutor. That will guide you toward getting the right guy for the job.



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