Best Short-Notice Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The perfect short-notice baby shower gift ideas are the ones that are more useful and practical. For instance, a mom can appreciate extra pairs of clothes and diapers. You can prefer personalized towels, blankets, or jewelry for unique gift ideas. However, you might not know one’s preferences; therefore, you need the proper knowledge. Check out the following best short-notice baby shower ideas.

  1. Baby Clothing

Clothing can make a baby shower gift an excellent option, incredibly when short on time. For example, goods like onesies, sleepers, and socks are always helpful for new parents as babies tend to go through a lot of clothing. Additionally, you can include things like baby towels. Towels make excellent choices for a baby shower gift. If you doubt, check out the following¬†Turkish baby towels¬†that can paint a smile on a new mom’s face.

  • Boho charcoal¬†

Boho towel has similar functional qualities to other towels, such as being lightweight, compact, super absorbent, and fast drying. However, it also has a stonewashed appearance, which gives it a unique aesthetic. The towel size is 170 x 90cm, a standard size for a bath towel.

  • Splice dolce

Splice towels are designed with inspiration from the Greek Isles. It consists of six colors that are graduated, which means that they blend gradually into each other. The Dolce towel is a part of this range and represents the sweetness of color you can see while wandering through coastal Greek villages. This particular towel is made from pure cotton, making it soft and comfortable.

  • Reef aqua

The reef towel is stylish and practical! It’s made from 100% cotton; thus, it’s lightweight, absorbent, and soft, all great for a travel and beach towel. It can also become a stylish sarong, an added advantage and even more versatile.

  1. Gift cards

Gift cards are an excellent choice if you are out of time and need help deciding what to purchase. By giving cards to parent

s, they can know what to get for their new baby. Gift cards are easy to acquire as you can buy them online.

  1. Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts are another perfect way to reveal your feelings and concerns for a newborn. They make the gift special and unique and create lasting memories. For instance, customized blankets can be a practical and thoughtful gift, as they can last years. Again a piece of personalized jewelry, such as a bracelet or necklace, can be a meaningful keepsake that the child can wear for years.

How to save when shopping for baby shower gifts

While purchasing baby shower gifts, you must also spare your pockets. An excellent way is to shop in bulk. If there are various baby showers to attend soon, consider buying items in bulk to save money. You can often get discounts for purchasing multiple things at once.


It’s essential to welcome newborns with unique experiences. Baby showers gift can be a great approach to appreciating a new mom. Therefore if you are short of time and wondering what gift ideas are the best, choose from the above list and make a difference with unique gift choices.

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