8 Precious Newborn Baby Poses

Do you have a beautiful newborn baby? Expecting one soon?

If so, congratulations! Having a new child consists of one of the most exciting occasions in the lives of most people, and you want to soak up every moment of this stage of life.

You know your little one won’t be little forever, and you want to capture this period of time. Because of this, many new parents hire a baby photographer to take professional pictures of their infant children.

But how do you know what kinds of pictures to take?

Below, we’ll go into 8 adorable newborn baby poses.

Keep reading to learn more and prepare for your newborn baby photoshoot!

  1. Chin on Hands

In this position, the baby photographer positions the infant on their stomach, moving their hands under their chin.

This keeps the baby comfortable but gets dynamic photos that seem as if the baby has been positioned more upright than they have. If you adore photos of babies supporting their own heads with their hands, this pose is both adorable and safe!

  1. Womb Pose

When a photographer does a womb pose, otherwise known as a “taco pose,” they gently fold your baby’s toes against their chest.

Many photographers will also wrap a colored cloth around your child, giving the picture the impression your baby is nestled in the midst of something. Some professional photographers ask that infants remain asleep during this time. After all, should the baby move, they would disrupt the pose.

  1. Swaddled

Does your baby love being wrapped tightly in a soft cloth?

If so, consider letting your photographer swaddle your child and take photos! Swaddling is extremely comfortable, and it also creates great angles that lead to adorable photos!

  1. Different Angles

Did you know you can get several, extremely different-looking photos from taking pictures of swaddled babies at different angles?

Because of this, consider asking your photographer to use several different angles when taking pictures of your baby. These even appear to be different poses.

  1. Baby with Parents

If you want to capture the beauty of your new child’s place in your family, get some pictures with you, your significant other, and the child.

You get these photos through a variety of poses. The child’s father could hold the baby and press his nose to the child’s, or the mother might lie on the ground with the child’s head near hers, elevated on her neck.

  1. Baby with Siblings

Children often love having a new sibling in the family, and many photographers capture the joy in their sessions.

To get great sibling photos, put the baby in the center of your children, and arrange them on either side of the newborn. Get pictures of their faces smiling or have them lean in to kiss their new sibling.

  1. Side Lying Pose

If you want more pictures of your newborn lying down, position them on their side.

Tuck their hands under their head, keeping the elbows bent. Bend the knees slightly, too, for a more dynamic pose.

  1. Froggy Pose

This is one of the most iconic newborn baby poses and actually consists of two different photos edited into one.

These photos often have the baby’s hands under their chin, with their elbows propping them up. Their knees are bent, and their toes become visible.

In reality, newborn babies can’t support the weight of their own heads with their hands. Often, the photographer will have either you or another assistant to support your child’s head. This person’s hand will later be edited out, giving the illusion the baby is holding up their own weight.

Ready to Get Cute Newborn Baby Poses?

Now that you know some newborn baby poses, you’re ready to take your baby their newborn photoshoot.

Getting great baby photos ensures you have something to look back on as your child grows. By asking for some of the photos above, you’ll be certain to get pictures you love!

Do you want to make sure your child thrives in their early years? Check out the rest of our articles today!


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